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EGWS series worm gear boxes are used for quarter turn valves and dampers. It is designed for manual and motorized operations with ISO 5211 mounting standards on the bottom side to mount this part turn gear boxes on valves and dampers directly
EWG’s series offers rugged industrial-grade gearboxes for valves and damper applications suitable for both manual and actuator operations. To reduce the manual effort on the input side, specialized spur reduction units can be supplied additionally

Technical data
Basic ratings
Torque Range
  • 400 ~ 125000 Nm
  • SG Iron
  • Weatherproof IP 67 ( Oprional: IP 68)
  • 0° ~ 90° ( Optional: 360°)
Mounting base
  • ISO5211
Output drive type
  • Detachable, plain drive bush
Aux features
  • Handwheel ( Optional: Chain wheel & Actuator mounting)
Mechanical position indicator
  • Continuous mechanical position indicator
Self locking
  • Self locking by worm and worm gear
Mechanical Stopper
  • 2 X External adjustable bolts ± 5°
Ambient conditions
Painting/Surface protection
  • Gray Primer ( Optional: Special Painting available based on request)
Ambient temperature
  • -20°C ~ +80°C ( Optional: -60°C ~ +120°C)
  • EP type moly Grease ( Optional: Low temperature grease)
Data sheet
Data sheet – PFMH