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With our craftsmanship, focus on quality, and innovative approach, Elger Controls has earned the place of the market leaders in the Manufacturing process and flow control equipment for a variety of industrial applications. We strive to build actuators, gearboxes, and other control products that solve comfort and energy challenges, perform flawlessly, and earn your trust through a long and productive life.

Find the right Actuators and gearbox for your Industry.

We Manufacture Actuators for a variety of industries right from mining to the healthcare industry – the number of possibilities are endless. Explore and get inspired by the broad spectrum industries served by Elger controls.

Oil and Gas

Elger has been providing a wide range of actuators and accessories for upstream and midstream applications in the oil and gas industries for over the years.

Mining and Mineral

We supply the electric, pneumatic Actuators and gearboxes required in deep mining to vent, cool and drain shafts.

Water processing

Our electric and pneumatic actuator system for rotary and linear applications is ideal solutions for the spectrum of water and wastewater processing machinery.

Paper and Fiber

We engineer custom, robust actuators for some of the world’s most productive and effective paper, tissue and fiber processing machinery.


As a leading supplier of high-quality industrial flow control solutions, we deliver powerful Actuators and gearboxes with a strong record of reliable performance in the automotive industries.

Cement and Lime

We understand the needs and demands of today’s cement industry and deliver the most accurate and reliable Actuator systems.

In House Services

Elger offers inhouse services for many types of actuators which enable you to keep your facility up and running. With our team of qualified engineers and a wide network of actuators service centers across India, we will ensure that your equipment is fixed in no time, keeping short periods of downtime.

Field Services

Our qualified field technical staff were trained and certified to fix, support and repair all Elger products on-site. Each technician is professionally trained and is well knowledge in all safety protocols of visiting customer facilities.

Valve Automation

We are recognized as the Actuated Valve specialists in India. Whether this is the pneumatic or an electric valve actuator, we will scale, assemble, and test custom-designed packages at our premises according to your application requirement.

Why Choose Elger

Elger provides a wide range of products and services meeting international standards, offering professional, reliable and competitive solutions.

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